Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sibling love

Margaret, Bill and Pat
On March 8, 1998 Uncle Bill wrote "Dear Judy, Jody, Jerry and Jana,
Just a few thought and notes from Uncle Bill.  Pat wrote in my 1934 Lincoln High School annual:
Dearest Bill;
Just a word of kindly advice from one who knows and sure dish it out, you ought to known.  Always remember to be a "good guy" and don't quit.  Tell everybody you're good, in fact, you're better than they are and pretty soon they'll either believe it or push you in the face.  I hope you'll always love to eat, cuz then we'll get along.  Don't forget all the things I've told you and look out for "Wine, Women and so forth."  Maybe if you'd study instead of playing around so much you'll graduate with me yet.  I hope so.  Thanks for all your kindly advice, that I get so often, and let's hope we'll always be near enough to each other to say "Hi Pal."  Your Pal and Sister "Pat"
Pat would sit in front of me in Geometry class and that way I could sleep.  Then she would help me with the lessons that night.  She still graduated a year a head of me and she is almost two years younger than I am.  Smart Sister!  When we moved to Newport, Oregon she took a post graduate course so she could help pick out the right "date" and I would help her pick out the "good guys."  That way we would double date a lot.  We also did a lot of plays together.  She would instigate them and then rope me into helping her.  We had a lot of fun together and were real close.  Thanks to her help I turned out all right."

I love that you Mother, Margaret and Bill were very close and good friends.  You all bonded early when your Mother died when you were just 11 years old, in 1928.  Margaret was 14 and took care of you.

Seeing these pictures today makes me miss all of you but especially you Mom.
ps I love you!

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