Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mothers Wisdom

Look how cute you are cooking 
with Trouta the cat watching you.  
I have a few things that I say that make me think of you Mom.  I can hear you say "just walk real fast and swing your arms."  You would tell me that when I had a run in my hose or got something on the front of my shirt.  It took me a while to figure out how silly I would look, but it was excellent advice.

Every time I tell my dogs that they are "bad characters" I'm pretty sure you use to use that phrase with our pets, especially the bad character dachsunds. 

I can hear you say, "I need a drink."  I know you loved martinis.  It makes it sound like you were an alcoholic but you weren't but I like to say that too when I need a Diet Coke or a Dr Pepper Ten.
This is kind of the view that we had of the moutains. 
You loved to talk about the beautiful Chugach Mountains that we had such a view of.  In the fall the hot topic was the "termination dust," the snow, coming down the mountains.  It was an everyday conversation.  
I like to talk about clouds.  
I miss you. 
P.S. I love you Mom

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