Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Favorite Son


I don't know if Mother told me this story or I was present but this is what I recall.
  Jerry told Mother that he didn't believe in God.  Mother came unglued. "How dare you say that.  As a pilot you fly and see the beautiful creations in the world.  The beautiful sky, the sunsets, the mountains..."  Jerry listened then said,
"yeah I guess you are right."  
end on conversation.
March 7, 1998
"Jody and family: I just heard about Mom, it hasn't hit me yet that she's gone.  She has always been a big part of who I am.  It's like losing a leg but still feeling the toes.  She was my best teacher, best friend, and adviser.  Even after I left home I have constantly conducted my life for her approval. ... See you soon, much love, Jerry"

How could he not be the favorite son?
P.S. I love you, Mom!

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