Friday, June 21, 2013

Such Class

You were basically a single parent.  Dad was gone and working out of town most of my growing up years.  I'm sure it was hard.  I don't remember you complaining. When Dad came home the sun rose and set on him.  We had to hurry and scurry around to make the house perfect.  He was our world. 
  What I mostly remember was that you never talked bad about Dad.  Even when you might of had a right to. 
 I so respect you for that.  He was our Dad.
1986 Dad, Ashley 9, Jessica 11, Mom
Dane and I brought Aaron 12,  Ashley 9, and Ethan 6 to Alaska in 1986.  Dad was visiting Jerry and Jessica 11, was in Anchorage with Jerry for a visit.  I can remember being so please that you and Dad were together for a visit and this was after both of you had been remarried for 15+ years.
During that visit you took Ashley and Jessica to the store and bought them purple nail polish.  Ashley remembers it as her first purple nail polish, but not the last.  I see you in Ashley.  She has your style, your flash, your class.
1986 Mt Aleyska Aaron, Ethan, Jessica, Ashley, Mom (Gramma Pat)
P.S. I love you Mom!

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