Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We don't look anything a like

1982 jody 31, Mother 65

Are you sure you are my Mother? 

 We don't look anything alike. 
 You are a winter and I am a fall.  You have pink skin, very light complected and I have tons of freckels. 
 You sunburn  and I tan.  
You have brown eyes and mine are blue.  
Your hair is black and I had auburn hair. (not sure what color it is now)   
I'm much taller than you.  
Where did I come from?  
You are the party, the light in the room, the flash, the glitter, the gold lame. You love being the center of attention, not me I am happy to sit in the back and wear cute shoes. 
I have your skunk streak.
I am yours!
p.s. I love you Mom!

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