Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Tuna?

Tuna Club 1933 (16 years old)
"Disproving the old tradition that few sailors know how to swim, a Tuna Club was formed among the girl-seaman of the Lincoln High in 1933.  The cardinal purpose is to aid girls in becoming more proficient swimmers, divers, and life-savers, thus producing better material for student leaders and directors, and furthering interest in this sport.  The Minnows, a branch of the club, enables new mermaid s to obtain practice in swimming 6 lengths of the girls tank, in executing 3 dives satisfactorily, and in demonstrating 3 standard strokes.  All these are requirements for the Tuna Club membership."

You were a wonderful swimmer and diver.  Since our house was 100 feet up the hill from the Spa, an indoor swimming pool, we learned to swim early and spent many many hours at the pool.  I remember that you were a life guard and a swim teacher.  I always wanted to dive like you, a beautiful pointed toe swan dive, but I just never got it.
  Remember walking up the hill in the winter and our hair would freeze?  
I have lots of happy memories of swimming at the Spa,
 swim team and even being a swim teacher 
for my 7th grade P E class. 
 I must of got my love of the water from you, you Tuna!
p.s. I love you Mom!

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