Thursday, June 20, 2013

Travel Love

Mother, you opened up the world to me.  Your love of travel was passed onto all of us.  I know that you were able to touch all continents and travel around the world several times.  When you went to work for Air France you were able to open up travel for all of us.  
I have wonderful memories of the first time you took Judy, Jana and I to Paris.  I think I was 12 years old.  We  stayed with your Air France captains family right in Paris. 
One night after Jana and I went to bed

 you and Judy went out for french onion soup and we weren't very happy that we didn't get to go.
The trip to the Louve took forever.  You and Judy looked and pondered each and every picture and statue.  Maybe that is where you got your love of art, theater and fine dining.  That was one of many trips to Paris.
Yellowstone Park 1987
Trips to Hawaii were wonderful, climbing the ruins in Mexico with Vince sitting down on each step coming down, the market place in Jedah, Saudi Arabia, the beautiful blue water in Beirut, Lebanon, watching Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park and
1974 Columbia Glacier
Thanks for sharing the world with me.
p.s. I love you Mom! 
p.s.s  Ethan reminded me that probably not the high light of the trip but the people that we stayed with in Paris had a biday.  I had never seen one or new what they were used for.  I thought it was a strange toilet and they never said anything about the "wash closet" down the hall.  We all took naps after arriving and I woke up and used the bidet as the toilet.  whoops!   I bet you were so embarrassed.  I think it is my most embarrassing moment.  Ha

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