Thursday, June 20, 2013

Purple Love

When did you start to love purple? 
 We could buy you anything purple or a shade of it and you would love it.  Atleast you always acted like you did. 
You looked great in purple.  
  Every few years you bought a new car and a winter coat to match. No purple car but a purple coat. Coats? I always loved your mink coat.  Dane loved to put his arms around you when you wore that coat so he could pet it.
  I think when I was little you liked terquoise.  Our walls in our house were terquoise.  Maybe that was a little much.
Alaska Fireweeed was another of your favorite colors.  You looked great in fuschia.
You have such style.  Always looking your very best.  Always an outfit with matching jewelry.  You liked to wear lots of braclets.  I think of you each morning as I pick out which braclet I want to wear.  You never wore jeans.
One time when you came to Montana you brought your jewelry in little bags.  All neatly arrainged, with all the earrings, pins, braclets to go with each days outfits.   Ashley and I would lay on the bed and look and touch and try on your jewelry.  However, you would only let me wear your pearls, from Dad for only a few minutes.  Ashley would tell Aaron and Ethan that they weren't allowed to even come into the room because it was girls only. 
Your closet was organized by blouses, suits, slacks, and dresses.  Then you would organize it by color.  I think I learned the color organization from you.  Once when you and Dad went to Mexico on a trip I missed you like crazy.  I would sit in your closet, it had your smell.
P.S. I Love you Mom!

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